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2020 Predictions

Whether walking down the sidewalk, through the house or moving your business forward, you need to look forward!  Have you ever tried walking forward with a blindfold on? Ever tried walking backward? Difficult isn’t it?

Of course it is! We are designed to look forward! Well, we at Modern ERP had a lot of fun gamestorming (game theory/brainstorming) the year 2020! This short video outlines what we see 2020 bringing businesses and the accounting and finance teams in 2020! It promises to be a game-changing year! Click the YouTube video below for more information or follow this link to our partner ERP Software Blog for the full text!


Digital Transformation for the C-Suite

You are a member of the C-Suite of your company. Could be a big company with revenue of $350 million per year or you may be a CFO of a small company. Either way, you are wondering “what does Digital Transformation mean to me?”.

Here are a couple of stories from the field…

First story, from a gasoline storage tank construction company. These are the people who renovate and startup new gas stations across the United States. They are, for many people, a very traditional company. I met up with them a while back and was seated in their board room. The table was cluttered with cardboard boxes and we needed to move them aside to have our meeting.

I began with an overview of what Digital Transformation is and why it is important to business today. I was stopped by the CIO… I found myself on pause. Was he going to say something like “get out of here with your digital message”? No. Exactly opposite. He states “I get the concept of Digital Transformation. These boxes we moved aside contain circuit boards (and he opened one) that connect our pumps to the Cloud to track real-time consumption, adjust pricing and schedule delivery of gas in its various formulations to the right stations in the most efficient way possible”.

Okay, he gets it!  Then, his question turned to: “how are you going to connect my business’s front end (sales) with the back end (ERP system)”? The conversation turned to Dynamics 365 and how the CE version can manage this part of their business and others.

For another story, please read on by clicking on Getting Closer to your Customers… more Field Stories

Digital Transformation

Understanding Digital Transformation is essential to understanding the success of your business.  However, if you ask 12 different people “what is digital transformation?” you will get 12 different answers. Therefore, I am going to try to answer the question with practical examples that can help with this.  First, let’s explore the challenges faced by our customers today.

Today’s pressures on our clients include the continued and increased pressure on the organization to maximize operational ROI.  Looking at it this way, how can I not only build end to end processes in the most cost effective way but then how do I leverage that to build a tighter relationship with my customers?  That’s where the secret sauce is in digital transformation.

Cloud and Security are incredibly important today and will be more important tomorrow. Nobody wants to have their solutions fail, let alone become leverage for ransomware. Further, only so many Cloud Solutions Providers can put the security you need into the cloud.

Modernized, Cloud-enabled and Secured companies now need to maximize on the currency of the modern world: data.  Data that you collect can provide you with the insights and actions needed to build more business and connect with customer expectations!  That’s the secret!

Underlying this is Support and Services, provided on a consumption basis meeting the needs of your team to thrive!