Management Consulting, Coaching and Assessments

Management Consulting, Coaching and Assessments

Businesses everyday need an expert in Business Solutions to provide them with guidance in their solution roadmap and give objective guidance on how to move the business forward. When doing so, it is important to have an experienced executive to work through the priorities and initiatives to outline the path forward that will provide an effective “time to modern”  for the dollars spent.

Our Coaching Program can be used for Cloud Technology, ERP/CRM Solutions in the Cloud, Dynamics roadmapping,  selection processes, Management Consulting and Onsite Coaching.

This program begins with a day planning session to meet and understand the goals and objectives. The coaching is designed to be a bi-weekly, 2 hour coaching session with executive management, one on one.  There are variations to this program for group coaching and lengthier timeframes. Participants must be ready to perform homework and assignments as agreed upon in the coaching sessions.

Together, we will build the plans and expected results as agreed upon  so that we can get as much out of the program as possible.


Our Assessment Packages include all preparation time, onsite time, document and presentation deliverables. With this service, you will work with me to create the appropriate agenda with the topics to cover in our assessment.

You will be delivered any technical scripts, code executables and other packages, questionnaires or surveys for your IT team to run ahead of our meetings.  This will help us outline the technical considerations of the assessment.

We will spend five complete days onsite walking through the agenda we have created. You will need to have the preceding homework done and work to have the right people in the room during the onsite time.

Together, we will build the documentation and deliverables as agreed upon up front, while together so that we can maximize our time together and get to our recommendations quickly. There will likely be some back and forth collaboration between the end of the onsite time and the delivery of the recommendations.

The final delivery will happen within a week after our onsite time and can be accomplished either with a secondary onsite presentation or accomplished remotely.


We will confirm your booking automatically and provide you with a Microsoft Teams Meeting Room.